Friday, November 20, 2015

Marriage is Like "Dancing in the Mine Fields"

Another good marriage song... This one by Andrew Peterson.

Here's how the song came about, in the artist's own words (found here):
In December of 2009 my wife and I celebrated fifteen years of marriage. A few days later, we got in a silly argument and I wrote this song after she went to bed. Marriage, see, was God’s idea. It’s one of the most potent metaphors in all of Scripture for the way God loves us and the way we’re to let ourselves be loved by him. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. To the contrary, it’s fraught with peril. Any good marriage involves a thousand deaths to self—the good news is, in Christ that marriage involves at least as many resurrections. We lay our lives down and enter this perilous dance with another human being who has done the same. Why should we expect to emerge unscathed?
The video isn't overly impressive, but listen to the words and you'll be encouraged. And  you've got to love seeing decades-old marriages that are still lively and sweet (like the couples seen in the video).

Andrew Peterson - Dancing in the Minefields from Centricity Music on Vimeo.

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