Friday, March 10, 2017

How to Welcome New Neighbors

Ed Stetzer (professor, author, etc.) recently moved from Nashville, TN to Wheaton, IL. His new neighbors welcomed his family to the neighborhood with a 4 page letter! It wasn't cranky or awkward. It was warm and loving and practical. Stetzer writes about his neighbors' welcome and concludes by saying:
"Now you won’t care about all the details, but we did—we consulted this list regularly. And every time we saw their invitation to the church. 
Their list made us know: 
  • They were glad we were here. 
  • They took time to welcome us and care (and we just had dinner with them). 
  • They invited us to church.
So, what a great idea for you to make with new movers."
I really recommend you read the post. It's not long. As he said, you won't care about the details (even though I did because I know all about the "local color" recommendations having lived in Wheaton for 16+ years!). But the real point of reading it is the beautiful example of loving, thoughtful, missional, intentional neighboring it provides. We need more examples of that. So, read on, and let's get intentional about becoming the loving, neighborly examples the church and our world so desperately need!

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