Thursday, May 14, 2015

You Can't Have Your Atheistic Cake and Eat Justice Too

Many people who doubt or deny the existence of God have a big problem with a loving God sending people to hell. Many of these same folks have a big problem with a God who allows horrific suffering, like the holocaust.

But I wonder if they've ever stopped to think about the quandary they are in with these judicial sentiments.

Hitler was guilty of HORRIFIC evil. Atrocious, vicious, perverse wickedness. And then he just committed suicide and died?! That's it? Where's the justice in that? And even if he had been captured alive, tried and executed, would that have satisfied the demands of justice? No. Hitler got off easy. We recognize, at least in Hitler's case, that we simply aren't capable of punishing people to the level that justice demands.

If there is no God who sends guilty, unrepentant sinners to hell, then there is no final justice for monsters like Hitler. And, there is no final justice or vindication for those who suffered unjustly. And there is no final justice in the universe. You can’t have your atheistic cake and eat justice too.

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