Thursday, December 18, 2014

Purity Thursday: The Lies of Lust, A Siren Song

If you're familiar at all with Greek mythology, you've heard of the Sirens. They were beautiful creatures that would lure sailors to certain death with their beautiful songs. Odysseus and his crew sailed by them in Homer's epic tale. Odysseus stuffed his fellow sailors' ears with wax to guard them from this suicidal temptation. He then had them lash him to the mast under orders not to untie him no matter what.

This myth is obviously a powerful illustration of the nature and power of lust's temptations. They appear beautiful, but they will eat you alive.

I recently ran across a song called "Sirens" by The Grey Havens (all you LOTR fans know where that name comes from!) on Justin Taylor's blog. See his post to find a helpful introduction, an opportunity to download the song for free, the video embedded below, and the lyrics for the song.

The lyrics are great. Be sure to read them all. Here is the chorus, a great example of how to fight for purity:
Hold on, hold on, my heart 
You once were full and sang of grace 
Hold on, hold on, my heart 
You’ve tasted joy that’s more than this
Amen. Get this song in your head to help drown out the "Siren song" of lust when her beautiful, deadly melody begins to rise. 

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