Monday, July 28, 2014

Michelle Osbourn's Sermon Notes Rap

When listening to sermons, some people benefit from copious note taking. Others are helped by the pastors who put outlines together with places to fill in the blanks. Still others (I'm in this category), prefer to listen and take very few notes. To each his own. Speaking of, over the past few years, we've had some artists in our church who take notes by means of drawing pictures. Their art is a way to process what they are hearing. Some of what they've showed me has been really impressive and insightful.

During the "community discussion" on 6/29/14, Michelle Osbourn took the art of note taking in a new direction. Somehow while listening to the message on "Gospel Mission" from Matthew 28:18-20, she took notes by writing a poem/rap. I was not alone in being encouraged by it, so I asked Michelle if I could reproduce it here.

Millions of lost people
really what can I do?
Well, maybe my life
can reach just a few

Like fish on the shore
withered and dying
people are lost
the truth they’re denying

I’ll throw them in the water
to save their life
they’ll rest in salvation
will this suffice?

Their gills fill with water
they accept the truth
but what will happen
if they do not move?

The sharks of life come
the fish lie as easy prey
Unmoving they sit
torn apart by the hardships of the day

Maybe I can teach them
how to swim with me
teach them the skills & tools
to fight the enemy

So more than get people
to life eternal
keep them from hell
from life infernal

I’ll teach them the way
the way to serve Christ
They’ll be able to stand strong
They’ll be able to fight

I go alone
this a misconception
with the voice of Christ
I can share redemption

But who will help me
clear the shore?
I’ll gather my brothers, my sisters
we can reach many more

But here’s what’s more
those people I teach
who knows the number
of people they will reach

So more than throw fish
into the sea
let’s teach them to go
disciples they’ll be

June 29 2014

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