Sunday, July 27, 2014

LT on Preaching to Yourself

Several weeks ago during our "community discussion time," (Coach) Lonnie Teasley shared how he fights for his faith by writing raps. He usually does so on the themes of the gospel, to help keep himself focused on Christ. The one he shared with us on 6/15/14 was really encouraging. If you missed it, or if you want to benefit from it again, here it is:

He is the maker of lights
Breather of life
Giver of sight
He is perfectly right
Can you start to feel man's greatest plight?

All are accountable to God the Creator
We're dead in our sinful nature
We've all turned away and made an enemy with our Maker
God's judgment, all will see sooner or later
And we can never try to make ourselves worthy
Our sin is too dirty
Undeserving of the Holy God of mercy

God is merciful, God is gracious
To his creation he shows his patience
Abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness
But He won’t clear the guilty
He's the God of justice
He will get his due penalty

But what's this?
Jesus the Christ
The One of One
The God-man, God-Son
The Greater than
The One who sits at the right hand
The founder of salvation
For my sins, he made purification
Perfectly obedient to the Father
He suffered for many tribes and nations

For those who repent and believe
He was crucified so we could be clean
Through the blood of Christ
No blemish
Makes us right
In a Holy God's sight

He came to save the poor/rich, the saint/sinner
The loser/winner
The gay/straight
The real/fake
The blacks/whites
The wrong/the right
The addicted
The inflicted
His grace
Reaches every place
Draw near, seek His face

I know he's able to save
I experienced that amazing
Supernatural saving
Totally undeserving
Saved my soul from the flaming
Can't stop raving
God praising

If you share in the glorious calling
Fix your eyes on the Son, guard against drifting or falling
Hold firm to the calling
By the truth that has freed us
Rely on the Son who feeds us
Know that the rain and storms help to kneed us
Into the likeness of the Holy Jesus
Melchizedek foreshadowed One better
Praise to our Priest forever

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