Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When Sinners Say I Do - Chapter 4 - "Taking it Out for a Spin"

This chapter is about putting our biblical theology into gear. You need to notice how Harvey wisely builds one chapter on top of the other.
  1. We are all theologians (chapter 1). All of what we do flows from what we believe about God (for good or ill!). 
  2. We are all sinners (chapter 2). We really are as bad as the Bible says we are. The sooner we embrace that fact, and the sooner our sin becomes bitter to us, the sooner (and more often!) we will run to our Savior, and the sooner marriage will inevitably be sweetened by God's grace. 
  3. Sin creates war (chapter 3). That is it's nature. It creates conflict within our hearts (see James 4:1-2). When we don't fight it and put it to death (see Gal 5:13-26), it breaks out and creates conflict in our relationships.
So, what do we do?!

As we put our theology into gear, Harvey gives us four roads on which we can get about anywhere we need to go in our marriages (he actually changes the metaphor to 4 "gears" - 1st gear, 2nd gear, etc., but we'll stick with roads).

This chapter is so important that I think each of these four roads deserves separate treatment. So, each of the next four posts will be one of the four roads Harvey directs us down as we seek to navigate life and marriage to the glory of God.

UPDATE: By the way, I hope you notice how these principles apply not only to marriage, but to all of our human relationships!

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