Monday, October 25, 2010

How might this atheist change your life?

If you've never seen this, it's quite surprising and sobering to be challenged by an avowed atheist to proselytize.  I'm giving no endorsement of the Penn & Teller show or any of their media output, but if that tract did a number on C.T. Studd (see previous post), this video has potential to do a number on us.  Make sure you're paying attention when it gets to around the 3 minute mark.


  1. Chris, I used this in a sermon a little over a year ago. It's interesting if you listen to some of his comments on another video he goes more in-depth about his view of Christianity & the Church. Interesting conversation piece to say the least.

  2. Heard from Mrs. Hunter you had a blog and decided to check it out. Thank you for the Hebrew references for Eden. Speaking of which, I posted something on my own blog that is based on the meaning of a Hebrew word and thought before I put all my comfort in the truth of it I should get a second opinion? (someday we will stop asking for favors.... :)
    Miss you guys.

  3. What an interesting perspective from a non-believer. I have recieved a similar challenges from my atheist friends. It does cause deep thought and spurs us to action. Genuine sharing of the gospel is essential to our walk.