Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hallowed Be Your Name

I read this quote last week and shared it on Sunday in the last installment of our Vision & Values series: "God, Gospel, Mission."  It comes from Dave Harvey's excellent book, Rescuing Ambition.  He is quoting John Stott from his The Message of the Sermon on the Mount
“There is something inherently inappropriate about cherishing small ambitions for God.  How can we ever be content that he should acquire just a little more honour in the world?  No.  Once we are clear that God is King, then we long to see him crowned with glory and honour, and accorded his true place, which is the supreme place.  We become ambitious for the spread of his kingdom and righteousness everywhere.” (emphasis mine)

I hope this question gets lodged in our minds and hearts.  I hope we keep asking ourselves, "Am I content that Jesus get just a little bit of glory in DE (and beyond)?"  "Am I passionate to live all of life to God's glory (1 Cor. 10:31), reflecting His worth through Christ for the glory of His Name and the good of all peoples?"

Please join me in praying that we will be passionate for the glory and fame of God!

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