Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Song (and a Quote) to Thrill Your Soul: Meditations on the First & Second Adam

The Bible talks about two Adams. We are all "in" the first or the second. Take a few minutes and read carefully through Romans 5:12-21 and 1 Corinthians 15:21-23, 45-49 and you'll see what I'm talking about.

We don't meditate on these realities enough. So, here's some help.

First, do yourself a favor and check out the song "This My Soul" by The Gray Havens. It's best listened to with the volume way up and time to take in the lyrics. You can find the lyrics here.

Second, savor this quote by John Stonestreet (found here):
The first Adam yielded to temptation in a garden. The Last Adam beat temptation in a garden. The first man, Adam, sought to become like God. The Last Adam was God who became a man. The first Adam was naked and received clothes. The Last Adam had clothes but was stripped. The first Adam tasted death from a tree. The Last Adam tasted death on a tree. The first Adam hid from the face of God, while the Last Adam begged God not to hide His face.
The first Adam blamed his bride, while the Last Adam took the blame for His bride. The first Adam earned thorns. The Last Adam wore thorns. The first Adam gained a wife when God opened man’s side, but the Last Adam gained a wife when man opened God’s side. The first Adam brought a curse. The Last Adam became a curse. While the first Adam fell by listening when the Serpent said “take and eat,” the Last Adam told His followers, “take and eat, this is my body."
In the name of the Second Adam, Amen. 

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