Sunday, December 18, 2016

We Are Pilgrims - Jonathan Edwards' Style

If you hear the name Jonathan Edwards, your only connotation may be that time in high school when you were assigned to read "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God." As sobering as it is, that sermon is well worth reading (despite what was probably a very severe critique by your high school teacher). 

Jonathan Edwards did not trifle with life and eternity. He knew his Bible. He knew Hell. And he wasn't afraid to warn people. But he knew God and Heaven better. And he knew that all of this life is a journey to our eternal home. 

His writing does not make for easy reading, especially for us 21st century folk used to tweets and sound bites. But anyone willing to do the work of reading him is richly repaid by the effort. 

While we're doing this series entitled, "We Are Pilgrims," it's a great time to encourage you to read "The Christian Pilgrim" by Edwards. It's only about 4 pages worth of text (which is a rare brevity for Edwards!). It's not very hard to read. And it is GOLD. 

You can read it HERE.

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