Monday, November 21, 2016

3 Parenting Myths...and the Truths We Need to Displace Them

Author and popular blogger Tim Challies summarizes some important parenting wisdom from Chap Bettis HERE. Here's the nutshell:

  • Myth #1: RESULTS GUARANTEED. The perfect environment will guarantee that my children follow the Lord. 
  • Truth #1: You cannot control your children. … Our goal is not ‘successful’ parenting per se, but faithful parenting.”
  • Myth #2: MY KIDS ARE MY LIFE. The ultimate goal of my Christian life is to have my children follow the Lord.
  • Truth #2: You should not make an idol out of having perfect Christian children. … “As my children realize that I love Jesus more than them, they will realize their place in the order of the universe.”
  • Myth #3: IT’S ALL UP TO ME.
  • Truth #3: You cannot do this alone. … "The best thing you can do for your child’s soul is to become actively involved in a gospel-preaching, gospel-living church community.”

By the way, Chap Bettis is a friend of the Chapmans. They think very highly of him. He's lived these principles out in his own home and in the church he pastored for many years. You can get his book (that Tim Challies summarized) by going here.

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