Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Song Recommendation: Let Justice Roll Like a River

This past Sunday, we studied Isaiah 58 together. Afterwards, Pastor Tyler told me about the song, "Let Justice Roll Like a River." It's a meditation on the words and context of Amos 5:24, but it's also a great complement to the call of Isaiah 58.

I'd encourage you to listen (HERE) and meditate on the words (HERE): 

Let Justice Roll Like a River
Bobby Gilles and Rebecca Elliot

Forgive us Lord, for passing by
When children cry for bread
Forbid it Lord, that justice lie
In tatters, cold and dead

Outside these walls run desperate streets
Where greed is law and life is cheap
We bar the doors, refuse to see
Or hear the words You said:

Let justice roll like a river, Like a river, let it roll
Let justice roll like a river. Like a river, let it roll

Convict us Lord, we dance and laugh
Ignoring those who weep
Correct us Lord, our golden calf
Has lulled our hearts to sleep

The gap between the rich and poor
Grows ever wider, shore to shore
There's racial hate, religious war
And wolves among the sheep

Indwell us Lord, and purify
Our hands to work for You
Enlist us Lord, to serve nearby
And ʻcross the waters, too

Your image-bearers on the earth
Will never know how much theyʼre worth
Unless we love and help them first
And show the way to You.


©2007 Bobby Gilles and Sojourn Community Church
CCLI Song #4974842

CCLI License #1888971

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