Friday, October 30, 2015

"We Don't Fight For Survival, But For Service"

I hope you'll take 4 minutes of your life and watch this video about The Westminster Bookstore. It's not only a good advertisement for their services, it is a model of how to do business to the glory of God.

While I'm at it, here are a few more reasons to make use of

  • The books they provide are carefully vetted for good theology. You can trust that the books they are providing are good books. Think about it this way. The books you find under a given category (e.g. Children's Resources) are like a list of recommended books from a mature and trusted friend.
  • They provide EXCELLENT service (expect a very fast arrival - esp given our close proximity here in Wilmington). See the video for WHY their service is so good. 
  • Their pricing is almost always comparable to Amazon, and sometimes better. Yes, their shipping costs can make them a bit more expensive than Amazon (esp if you are an Amazon Prime member), but they are worth patronizing. We do not need or want all the smaller bookstores in the world to die at the hands of Amazon.

The Westminster Bookstore from Westminster Bookstore on Vimeo.


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