Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Planned Parenthood News and Commentary

By now, you've seen the sting videos (see this if you're bothered by the ethics of sting videos in the service of righteousness) and heard all kinds of commentary and reaction for and against Planned Parenthood. As Christians, outrage at this horrific evil is righteous. Indifference and silence and avoidance is morally repulsive in the face of such atrocities. This does not mean we scream and spew hate. It does mean we weep and plead with God for his merciful intervention. And it means we speak up and seek to influence and persuade. 

One helpful perspective you may not have considered is represented here in a post by Rosaria Butterfield. She grew up thinking that Planned Parenthood upheld "family values." Read it and ponder the fact that some of the people you work with or live by or go to school with grew up much in the same way. And God is just as able to grab hold of them as he did Rosaria. Maybe he'll even use you!

Finally (for this post anyway), Justin Taylor has posted lots of helpful commentary on his blog. This update contains lots of helpful information, including some ways we can take action. Now that the Senate defunding vote has been taken and a 5th video has been posted, it is a bit "dated", but still helpful.

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