Thursday, August 7, 2014

BOM for August - The Total Money Makeover

Here's the BOM for August:

Many of you are probably familiar with Dave Ramsey. You may have listened to him on the radio. You may have attended one of his Financial Peace seminars. There are lots of other resources on his website. You can sign up to receive his e-newsletter, where you'll regularly receive very practical articles like "12 Numbers That Can Change Your Bank Account for the Better" or "10 Ways Your Thriftiness May Border on Theft."

Ramsey is a Christian, but a lot of what he writes is stronger on the nuts and bolts of $, debt, budgets, etc., and not so strong on the nature of and motivation for biblical stewardship and giving. This book is like "Proverbs on Money." It's not a full blown biblical theology of money and giving. In order to round out the picture a bit, I'd encourage you to read a book like Randy Alcorn's Treasure Principle. It's nice and short, but a powerful summary of biblical stewardship and giving, based primarily on Matthew 6:19-24.

That said, Christians can understand the concepts of Matthew 6:19-24 and biblical stewardship, and yet never really get down to practicing the wisdom and restraint of budgeting, avoiding debt, saving and planning, or practicing the grace of generous and regular giving. For instance, how many of you "know" budgeting is important? How many of you are actually "on" a budget and using it every month? I hope Ramsey's book will help us in these very practical and helpful ways.

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