Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Preference: Rebuke or Flattery?

Which do you prefer to...give?

I didn't ask which you prefer to receive, though that would also be telling.

Consider Proverbs 28:23:
Whoever rebukes a man will       afterward
find more favor
                                 than he who flatters with his tongue.
Here is the sweet irony of God's wisdom -- kind of like God telling us that pragmatism doesn't work.

Why do you flatter? In order to win or preserve favor. But flattery is like cotton candy. "Ooooh! Cotton candy!" You eat some. But if you keep eating it, it makes you sick. (Truth be told, cotton candy is actually better for you than flattery.)

In the long run, flattery isn't good for finding favor. Ironic. If you want real, substantial, loving relationships with people, speak the truth in love. Even (especially?) when the truth they need to hear is hard, if they are wise, they will know you really love them. And you will find more favor than the cotton candy man who always seems to have a flock of buyers begging favors. 

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