Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Parents: Think About What "Just Wait" Means

You've heard it before -- especially if you're a parent of young children. You've had a tough day or you've shared a challenging parental moment with a parent of older children (or more children). What happy, hope-filled word of gospel-saturated encouragement do you hear?
"Just wait."
 "It only gets harder from here."
"I remember the days when I only..."
Mother Lindsey Carlson writes wisely about "The Phrase That Enslaves Moms In Every Season." It's applicable to dads as well. Please read it and then cut "Just wait," with all it's condescending, "That's nothing!" unhelpfulness, from your parent-to-parent conversations. Or, just wait...maybe you should read to the end of her post and find out how we can redefine and reuse "just wait" in a way to give grace to those who hear.

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  1. Thanks for directing me to that article. It was a good, needed word. I found this challenge to be right on: "Take heed, O mom, lest you fail to bring good news and living water to thirsty souls." How often I settle for doing far less.