Monday, January 7, 2013

Fighting Cancer With A Song

Yesterday we sang the song "10,000 Reasons" by Matt Redman. Beth leaned over and said, "That's one of Chase's favorite songs. There is a video of him singing it on Ellie's blog." I made a note on my bulletin to find that video and watch it.

Bob & Ellie Ewoldt are folks we know from Grace Church of DuPage. Their story is sopping wet with grace...and trials and sorrows. Their 3 year old son Chase has been fighting cancer since this past summer. Ellie has blogged consistently through this ordeal. You would not regret taking some time to read through her posts.

We have been praying for them as a family. Last night Beth read us a couple of recent updates from the blog before we prayed. We cried. We blessed God for the grace he's poured out on this family. I thought I would share the blessing of "knowing" them, and give you the opportunity to join with us in prayer.

Here's the video of Chase singing "10,000 Reasons."

I love that he's wielding a sword. Reminds me of this message by John Piper. I hope you go and listen to it.

Pray for Chase. As you can read here, today is a big day.

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