Friday, June 1, 2012

Our Women Are Too Submissive!

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Back at the Together for the Gospel, I attended this seminar and heard Russell Moore say,
"Our women are too submissive."
It obviously caught my attention. And I think he's right. In fact, every woman (just like every man) is going to submit to someone. So, Christian women, who are you submitting to?

Are you submitting to men and women in the Photoshopping advertising industry that literally paint the picture all around us of a false, unattainable ideal of body size and "beauty." Should they be the ones to tell you what to do with your bodies?

Are you submitting to the men and women in Hollywood who splash the paint of those same ideals all over the screen, adding to their pictures (since they are moving) the epitomes of seduction, pettiness, manipulation, deceit, envy, and revenge? Should they be the ones telling you how to act?

Are you submitting to boys around you at school or the men around you at work that have bought the lies of those false ideals? Is it really their heads you want to turn? Do you want to be prey for a predatory male? Are these the males you should be submitting to?

Have you noticed how young this training in submissiveness is starting? There are 10 year girls obsessing about their weight and starving themselves, dressing seductively and flirting on social media.

In the Christian church, we need a little more healthy rebellion. A little more refusal to submit. Someone's got to tear off the disguise and blow the whistle on dame Folly. She's not a beauty. She's an ugly wench. She's loud and obnoxious. Like her, and you'll become like her. Is that what you want?

We need to draw attention to Lady Wisdom. She's stunning. She's REAL. She's wise. She's beautiful. She's worth listening to and imitating. Like her, and you'll become like her. Isn't that what you want?

Even more than Lady Wisdom, Jesus Christ is Reality and Wisdom and beauty personified. He can turn your head away from the lies of this world. He will empower you to refuse to submit to the world around you; to refuse to be ruled by objectification and faux ideals. He IS The Truth and The Life. Follow him on His Way. Submit to him. You'll never regret it.

He is the perfect Man. The perfect Love. He loved you perfectly. He will never use and abuse you. He will never disappoint you. He only wants to serve you, purify you, give you life, make you whole and radiantly beautiful. Shouldn't he be the one telling you how to act and what to do with your body? Shouldn't he be the one to whom you submit?

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  1. Alright Pastor Chris, I'll take you up on that one and be a little more rebellious ;)