Monday, April 16, 2012

Together For The Gospel Conference

Here is the link to the general Together For the Gospel (T4G) conference site.

T4G is a conference mainly for pastors, missionaries, and church leaders, but most of the main session messages could benefit just about anyone who listens/watches. You can browse audio and video of messages from all four of the conferences on this site, but I simply want to share some recommendations from this year's conference.

First, the weighty, sober call to global missions by David Platt under the title: Divine Sovereignty: The Fuel of Death-Defying Missions (audio or video). For God's sake and the good of the nations, listen to this message. And you will be crying out for grace, for God's sake and the good of the nations.

Second, John Piper's closing message, "Glory, Majesty, Dominion, and Authority Keep Us Safe for Everlasting Joy" (audio or video). Piper likes to ask people the question, "What makes you think you'll wake up a Christian tomorrow morning?" He answers just that question, personally and powerfully, from Jude 24-25.

Third, Kevin DeYoung's message, "Spirit-Powered, Gospel-Driven, Faith-Fueled Effort," addresses the rightful place of effort and striving and struggle and hard work in the Christian life (audio / video). There is a bad, gospel-denying way to work. And there is a gospel-powered, God-glorifying, soul-sanctifying way to work. Kevin will help you think clearly about how to avoid the former and pursue the latter.

Fourth, Thabiti Anyabwile asks, "Will Your Gospel Transform a Terrorist?" and exposes the ways in which we often lack real confidence in the power of the gospel. He also goes on to give us gracious reasons for growing confidence in the power of the gospel (audio / video).

Fifth, if you are of the "Preach the gospel, and if you must, use words" school of evangelism (and even if you are not), I encourage you to listen to/watch Al Mohler's message entitled, "The Power of the Articulated Gospel" (audio / video).

I usually can't commend every message after a conference. For this one, I can. The above simply seem to me to be the first five I'd recommend. 

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