Wednesday, December 21, 2011

McGarvey Christmas Letter

Dear Family & Friends,

Warm greetings from The First State! This year, we decided to employ the help of the kids to write ye ol’ Christmas letter. We figured the best way to do so would be to put together a questionnaire of sorts. Here’s the fruit of the interview labor:

Hannah (11 years – 6th grade):
Nickname(s): Hans, Sis, Sissy
Favorite things to do: Sing and play basketball
Favorite subject: Gym!
Least Favorite subject: Grammar
Favorite foods: Crepes, steak, mac & cheese, peaches, pickles, peppermint ice cream, pound cake
Least favorite food: Meatballs
Favorite color: Green!
Favorite movie: Rudy
Favorite musical artist: Sara Groves
Favorite vacation: MI (Grand Haven in the summer)
Favorite restaurants: Outback & Giordano’s
Favorite song: Setting Up the Pins (by Sara Groves)
Favorite date with daddy: Rock climbing
Favorite/most valuable possession: I don’t have one
What you like to do in your spare time? play knockout, make cards, bake with mom, draw
What would people be surprised to know about you? I don’t like to eat breakfast. I haven’t liked the color pink for the last few years…but, it’s starting to grow on me. I like to act.
What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher (probably elementary school)
What are you future plans? To be the coolest mother of 5 children
What do you want for Christmas? I don’t know. Mac & cheese boxes. A lot of things green.

Sam (9 years old – 4th grade):
Nicknames: Sambo, Dude, Buddy
Favorite foods: pizza, ketchup, pancakes, ketchup, Sunday roast & potatoes , ketchup
Least favorite food: Well, I don’t really know. There are several different foods that I haven’t tried. So, I don’t know.
Favorite books: Magic Tree House, By The Great Horn Spoon, The Phantom Tollbooth, Keeping Holiday, Hardy Boys, The Bible
Favorite movie: Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Favorite sport: Football
Favorite team(s): Bears and Steelers
Favorite subject in school: Recess! Seriously…lunch!
Least favorite subject in school: I don’t have one.
Favorite music/artist/song: Rap / Lacrae / Don’t Waste YourLife
Favorite vacation: IL – because most of my family is there and I moved here from there…so it also brings back a lot of memories…it also has The Bean.
Favorite restaurant: Red Robin
Favorite flower: Lily – because she’s my sister.
Favorite dude time with daddy: When we went to the go kart place together in MI
Favorite/most valuable possession: Lowrider – my pellet gun
Favorite joke: Here’s one I really like: Doctor, doctor. My eyesight is getting worse! You’re absolutely right. This is the post office.
Favorite Bible story: The Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension. (Why?) Who wouldn’t like that?! One, because of the power!
What would people be surprised to know about you? I don’t feel good when I am called, “Sam I am.” I’m a sort of a picky eater. I like to dance.
What do you want for Christmas? The Black Pearl (a Lego pirate ship), and a sword
Future plans? I want to be in heaven (as in 10,000 years from now).
What do you want to be when you grow up? I don’t know. That’s a long time away. Whatever God wants me to be.
Some interesting facts about yourself: I’m a big ham.
What you like to do in your spare time: Dress up like a pirate, read pirate books, read joke books, plain old read, play with Legos, shoot Airsoft guns and pellet rifles
Coolest thing you know about God: He doesn’t have to go to sleep!

Lily (7 – 1st grade):
Nickname(s): Lils, Beaner
Favorite things to do: Eat, play dolls with Hannah, ride my bike
Favorite foods: Pizza bread, strawberries, jello cake, peppermint ice cream
Least favorite food: Pizza with sauce (scrape the sauce off, replace the cheese, and she’s happily eat it!)
Favorite subject: Math
Least favorite subject: Geography – we have to stand up and say lots of things! And I get bored. I don’t like doing that.
Favorite books: My Father's Dragon, The Princess and the Kiss
Favorite movie: Tangled
Favorite sports team(s): Bears & Bulls – I’m on Papa’s side, Daddy. (Ouch!) … And maybe some Steelers. (Phew!)
Favorite music/artist/song: He’s Alive & Ma Ya Hi
Favorite vacation: Going to Ama and Papa’s and going to MI and Nana’s (and Jason’s house)
Favorite restaurant: Charcoal Pit and Red Robin
Favorite flower: A white lily, and lily of the valley...and snap dragons!
Favorite daddy/daughter date: Berry Yummi & to the park
Favorite/most valuable possession: Elizabeth Mae McGarvey, my (American Girl) doll
Favorite Bible story: David and Goliath
High from this past year: when baby Benjamin was born!
Low of this past year: I don’t have a low!
What would people be surprised to know about you? I can run faster than lots of people and pick people up on MY BACK!
What do you want for Christmas? A dog (Malanie and Mia have one!), I don’t know! American Girl things
Future plans? Have a castle. I want invisible stairs and I push a button and I put these glasses on and I can see the stairs and climb them. And there’s a giant bed. And you can jump on it and do anything you want. And you can get food without asking. And there is any food you want in the whole wide world. Like Jello cakes, ice cream, apple mountains, strawberry mountains, a chocolate kiss hill, a big lion made out of ice cream, and a buttered popcorn mountain.
What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to walk dogs and take care of people’s cats and dogs. Or, a teacher.
What you like to do in your spare time? play school with Jono
Coolest thing you know about God: He can do everything! He helps us! He died for our sins.

Jonathan (4 and a half! – valedictorian of the imaginary school in which his siblings regularly enroll him):
Nickname(s): Jono, Bubbalicious, Little man (though he informed us after Benjamin was born that this nickname no longer applies)
Favorite things to do: Play Legos – build Lego cars, do puzzles, ride my bike and scooters, play store with Lily, play school with Hannah and Lily, go to the store with mommy, go to Longwood Gardens, eat seaweed snacks and play with Daniel Ho, tackle daddy, climb in bed in the morning with mommy and kiss baby Ben
Favorite food: mac and cheese, pizza, Daddy’s Friday afternoon leftover surprise (especially when he arranges it like a face on the plate!), ranch dressing, french fries, hot dogs (cut up), pizza bread, brownies and ice cream, and chocolate pie
Least favorite food: olives – black and green; hot salsa (but I like the normal salsa that is NOT hot!)
Favorite drink: apple cider
Favorite books: Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel
Favorite movie: Cars 2
Favorite sport: Steelers!
Favorite subject in school: I don’t have school.
Favorite music/artist: Josh Garrels (good taste for a 4 year old, eh?)
Favorite vacation: Michigan (Grand Haven)
Favorite restaurant: Chili’s! & Mickey D’s!
Favorite game? Jenga, puzzles, Busytown
Favorite dude time with daddy: Going to the wood park (there’s a park in MI where we vacation in the summer where all the playground equipment is made of wood)
Favorite/most valuable possession: My silky (i.e. his blue blanket)
Favorite Bible story: When Peter got caught in the water and Jesus picked him up!
Coolest thing you know about God: That he’s powerful! That he has the Bible!
What do you want for Christmas: Finn McMissile PJ’s
High of this past year: Being with Mommy all day – that’s my high
Low of this past year: My low is I have to nap
What would people be surprised to know about you? That I like to run errands with my mommy.
Future plans? Future?! That’s what no one has seen! (that’s really what he said!)
What do you want to be when you grow up? A police [sic]. (Why?) So I could stop people who are going fast on the road.
What you like to do in your spare time? What does that mean?

Benjamin (0 – born 10/26/11, 5:25pm, weighing 8lbs 9oz, spanning 21.5 inches):
Nickname(s): Ben, Benny, Super Cute (Jono’s nickname for him),
Favorite music/artist: mommy
Favorite restaurant: mommy
Favorite/most valuable possession: my Steelers binky
Favorite food: you guessed it, milk
Least favorite food: raw onions
Favorite books: Are You My Mother?
Favorite sport: Boxing. I have a mean right cross. Even more lethal is my patented nostril hook hook.
Most embarrassing moment of 2011: the day with that horrible yellow outfit – I finally had to blow out in it just to get it off me!
Favorite music/artist: Sam McGarvey, especially when he sings me Spanish lullabies (en Español, of course!)
High of this past year: When mommy’s milk came in!
Low of this past year: Can you say, “circumcision?” I shudder even to say the ‘c’ word.
What do you want for Christmas? Milk, more Steelers binkies, and a Terrible Towel burp cloth
Future plans? Sleep, eat, poop, repeat.
Some interesting facts about yourself: I can sleep soundly through junior high basketball games and home improvement projects with nail guns popping, and mitre saw a buzzin’.

As for mom & dad, we’ll make it quick. This thing is already way too long. We are happily married, happily overwhelmed with the task of parenting 5 precious little souls, and happy to be making our new house feel like home. Chris is thankful for the continued privilege of serving Bethel Baptist Church and Beth is steering clear of boredom as the mother of this growing and active brood.

Most of all, we are more thankful for Jesus today than ever before. He’s why we love this time of year! Where would we be (both now and for eternity), without his perfect life (the one we could not live), his death in our place (bearing the just penalty we deserve), his victorious resurrection from the grave (vindicating every claim he ever made), and every great and precious promise that he purchased for us on the cross! This good news of great joy is music to our ears! We long for it to be music to your ears as well...and the life-giving soundtrack to your days.

With much love,
The McGarveys


  1. <3 loved this. made me laugh out loud and reminded me again how thankful I am to count you as friends!

  2. Good to hear from you! Congratulations on Benjamin!
    You are truly blessed!
    Enjoyed the glimpse into your children's personalities.
    Jane and John