Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Motherhood is Application"

After reading this the other day, I couldn't wait to read it to Beth. So much grace and wisdom in there!

I encourage you (mother's especially) to read and ponder the whole thing. In doing so, don't blow by that first paragraph. Take a minute to ponder how you can consciously see your many roles as a mother as wonderful opportunities to reflect the glory of God.

"In the beginning," all was formless (chaotic) and void (empty). God worked each of those first six days to order and fill the heavens and the earth. He made man and woman in his image to reflect his glory. He then entrusted them, as his image bearers, with the stewardship of ruling and subduing, multiplying and filling, cultivating and keeping.

Do you see it, mothers? Do you see how so much of what you do, as "ordinary" and routine as it may seem, is a beautiful opportunity to image forth the glory of God?! Re:flection in the home that often no one sees (notices?!) but you and your God! But God does see...and you should see the cosmic significance in all that you do! God loves to see his glory shine back at him!
  • Every meal prepared is formlessness to functional, edible form (even if the cooking process, and the time around the table, with little human pre-dinner pinballs and dinner table whirligigs all around, can seem more chaotic than orderly!)
  • Every grocery run stocked up and belly filled is a filling of the voids
  • Every dirty laundry pile washed and folded, every playroom and bedroom cleaned and straightened (for the umpteenth time!) is chaos to order
 Just wanted to make sure you mothers didn't miss the glory in the ordinary.

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