Friday, September 23, 2011

Grace and Peace

For those of you who attended last night's class with Jeff Stark, did you wake up this morning with grace and peace ringing in your ears? Have you made your "Grace and Peace" note card yet with Gal. 1:3-5 on it?

Jerry Bridges says a helpful "Amen" to the gospel grace and peace Jeff was infusing into the atmosphere last night:
I cannot emphasize too strongly the importance of living our Christian lives each day in the atmosphere of the gospel. The gospel is not just for unbelievers. It is also for us, because we are still sinners – saved sinners to be sure, but still sinners in need of the daily assurance of God’s forgiveness through Christ. As we experience His love through forgiveness, our hearts are drawn to Him in this filial fear, and we stand amazed at His love.
– Jerry Bridges, The Joy of Fearing God, 124 (emphasis added).
Grace and peace today. Grace and peace.


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  1. I must post a comment to let you know that I absolutely love your encouraging words about scripture. We need daily biblical instruction but also from others like yourself sent here from God to spread the good news! Keep the post I googled for something your blog came up! This is a wonderful way to glorify God via internet.
    Vira Ogburn- Fruitland MD