Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Japan Relief Benefit Concert - ありがとうございます。

(That's "thank you very much" in Japanese.)

A brief update: nearly $3000 was raised for relief efforts in Japan! Those funds will be used to love our Japanese "neighbors" as ourselves through the ministries of C.R.A.S.H. (http://crashjapan.com/) and Sunrise Ministries (http://sunriseministries.tripod.com/).

A big ありがとうございます。 to Jeremiah for putting the whole thing together, to Peter for hours of A/V ministry, to the artists who gave of their time and talents, to Zeck for the beautiful design below, and many others who helped in so many ways!

One quick story:

After the concert, two little girls (ages 7 and 5), who attended the concert went home and told their mom that they had to do something for Japan. They asked if they could empty their piggy banks and give their money to Jeremiah the next day at Starbucks. Mom must have said "yes." The change and dollars in the ziplock came to: $28.90.

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  1. They wanted to give money because of the message they heard. You guys did a great job.