Monday, February 7, 2011

You’ve Never Had “Marriage Problems”

From pages 50-51 of When Sinners Say I Do (boldface emphases mine): 
If blaming your spouse for actually causing your own sin sounds maybe just a little suspect, how much stranger is it to blame the marriage itself? Is it just me, or do we all do that sometimes?
“I’m fine when I’m at work,” a spouse might say. “It’s not until I get home that the battle begins.” How easy it is to use the phrase, “We’re having marriage problems,” as if the marriage created them.
“Hey, bro, can you pray for me? My marriage is having some problems (or stranger still, some “issues”). Oh, me? No, I’m fine. Just gotta deal with these marriage problems, you know what I mean?
locating the source of your marriage problems in your marriage is like saying the Battle of Bull Run was cause by some really troubled farmland. The battle was fought on farmland, but its cause lay elsewhere.

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