Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WSSID Chapter 4 - Sounds Like A Prayer List

The summary of this chapter sounds like it would be worth writing down on a note card and sticking in your Bible or prayer book.

Resolve with me, with God's help, to:
  1. Be more suspicious of yourself than your spouse. In humility, suspect yourself.
  2. Look in first – the log before the speck. In integrity, inspect yourself.
  3. Embrace the fact that your spouse doesn’t ever make (tempt? yes!; cause? no!) you sin. You should also embrace the fact that he/she is a divinely chosen tool to heat up the sludge in your soul so you can be purged and purified and grow in grace. How loving of God?! (please don't read that in a mocking tone!)
  4. Be more aware of/Focus more on God’s undeserved grace than your spouse’s shortcomings and failures.
If we humbly and prayerfully resolve these things, do you think that our gracious God just might honor them and meet us with the very grace he promised to give to the humble?

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