Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Adoption Sunday follow up

I promised Sunday that I would put some recommended resources up as we prayerfully respond to the reality of life in this fallen world filled with orphans.  Here goes:

First, the book by Russell Moore that I am reading is entitled Adopted For Life: The Priority of Adoption For Christian Families & Churches.

No matter your life situation - young or old, married or single, children or no children - this book has some very important and powerful things to say to you.  It's not just the story of one family's adoption process (though it is that, and it's a good one that will both break you up and build you up), it's also a biblical theology tour de force.  This is not just a book about adoption.  It's a book about God and his big picture purposes for creation and redemption.  Enough with the recommendation.  Just read it!  But if you're not going to read it - at least read this article by Moore.  If you were in the service on Sunday, I quoted from the beginning and conclusion of the article.  The whole thing is really good.  And it's not that long.

I'll put some other links in another post, but let me close this one with a plea.  Would you join me (i.e. go write it in your prayer book now - if you don't have a prayer book, go buy one), as part of the spiritual family that is Bethel Baptist Church, in praying this next year for God's grace and direction regarding our role in adoption and foster care?  What might God do in one year...with ripple effect that breaks on generations to come and the very shores of eternity?

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